Chapter One

Went to school, it was good, went alright academically but not particularly motivated. Sort of fitted in socially but still felt a bit different to others. Left school, studied maths at uni, failed pretty much everything first semester. Left uni for six months, went back the year after studying education with maths major. More focused passed comfortably. Developed a bit of perfectionism and ambition. Bit too much - not healthy. Left uni and started teaching on the North Coast of NSW. Integrated well into new area but left after two years a bit disengaged. Moved to London, taught over there in several schools, travelled extensively, had fun, perhaps a bit too much at times. Started to feel the school environment was not really going to last for me. Didn’t really have to face this as I was young and without commitments so could just pick up my bags and keep shuffling around. Couple of years later relocated to Newcastle, NSW, Australia. After 10 years of being nomadic, faced the idea of settling down somewhere. Decided it was important to learn more about money for basic life skills. Studied financial planning. No initial intention to work in the financial services industry, but ended up doing so as teaching in schools was stressful for me and didn’t really know what else to do. First job was exciting, largish corporate, learnt a lot, good prospects until one day I walked in to the office and about 20 minutes later walked out with a redundancy notice in my hand. Didn’t see it coming. Probably naïve. Hurt a lot. Found another job, but this time went for smaller private business. Lasted there a year or so and then something just wasn’t right. Resigned. Loyalty is important to me and I needed to abandon that in order to keep my sanity. Hurt a lot, again. Dark. Exhausted. Confused. Then light. Then blank canvas. Then next Chapter.


Chapter Two

A friend wanted financial education and wanted me to teach them. I resisted. Few months later, after a few more requests, I changed my mind and put together a program. We ran through the program together, I enjoyed it, they enjoyed it, I got paid, they learnt what they wanted to learn and it felt right. I set up business with program in hand, converting the garage to a meeting and training room. Made little money but survived somehow. While scrambling to find the occasional client, I kept exploring peace, harmony, purpose and anything in this area. While focusing on teaching around finance I brought my other discoveries into my training and mentoring where appropriate. Over the following decade or so my service evolved, business evolved. On the way through I set up another business with a business partner, nudged that along for about seven years and then sold out. It was based in financial education and was something I believed in, and still do. Felt good and learnt a lot more about business and relationships. In more recent times set up Collective Heart which is a network of really loving people that like to give back to local and overseas communities. This has been going a couple of years at time of writing. I’m now well north of a dozen years into this business, if you want to call it that, which people find difficult to explain but one which I love and get to help people in the most beautiful of ways.

So there’s my background. Not sure if it helps you navigate whether you want to reach out to me for support but I thought it important to share.

If you would like to know more about where I’m coming from or whether I could potentially assist you, I’d love to hear from you.