It’s always interesting to write a bio which doesn’t sound like a self-elevating pitch but I think it’s important to lay out some of my background.

The short version

I’ve formally studied education, mathematics, finance, temperament theory and yoga. I’ve informally studied a lot of other stuff. I’ve worked for government, corporate and small private businesses. I’ve run this business since 2003, which is 13 years ago at the time of writing this. I also set up another business during this time in financial education and sold out several years later. I balance a pretty busy work and home life, study, travel, and community contribution while doing the best I can do as a husband, dad, son, brother, neighbour, friend and so on. I don’t consider myself any smarter, wiser or more motivated than anyone else, if anything probably a bit less in some of these areas. I also founded Collective Heart a couple of years ago which is a group of people doing what they can do to give back to community without throwing themselves off balance. I practice yoga and meditation most days. That’ll do for the short version.