Why blog? 6 main reasons

This isn’t one of those blogs that explain why you should blog, write newsletters etc. This is a blog which explains the 6 main reasons I’ve chosen to take up blogging again.

1.    I can’t network – for the first decade of my business I was an active networker. I’d go to functions, share my story, learn about others, and when the time was right people would ask me to help them and id find others to help me. To do this you need to be able to talk, often in a noisy environment. I lost my voice about 3 years ago and it never came back making speaking a rather difficult thing for me. Perhaps talking through writing can support my business. 

2.    Expression – when I lost my voice, I also lost a method of expression. I always knew expression was important but I didn’t realise how important. All of our activity is an expression of what we value, what we believe and essentially what we want out of life. What I say, what I write, what I do, is the way I express myself into life.

3.    Contribution – I feel better about my life when I can contribute to others. Perhaps sharing the odd story can deliver this.

4.    Opening doors – Life is fluid. I get to spend time with people I could never have dreamt had certain doors not be opened (and shut) for me. Writing, sharing, and distributing ideas may just open up some doors for me and for you.

5.    Encourage – I like to encourage people to live rich lives. To reflect on old habits, to explore the way they are doing things, whether in business or at home and from this to evolve their minds such that they can live rich lives. By offering encouragement is something I hope to do so through my writing.

6.    Develop clarity – Writing is a creative process that often helps me develop clarity. It can put confusion to rest, it can clarify priorities, and it often helps me go deeper with gratitude, appreciation, and love. All things which are important to me.

So there you go, the six reasons why I have been brought back to blogging after letting it go for a while.