Renew your life by reorganising it one area at a time

To renew simply means to reorganise. Let’s use an example. Moisture reorganises to form a cloud, rainfall, a river, lake or the ocean. These things may appear to be new or renewed. However, from the moisture’s perspective it has just taken a different form.

We can approach our own lives in the same way. We are really just reorganising a bunch of things to form whatever it is we would like to encourage.

This is a wonderful idea as instead of trying to build a new, it really is just a process of moving some things around in order for our lives, careers, businesses, relationships to take a new and more aligned shape to what’s important now. While simple in concept it does require a bit of work.

So, what to reorganise? Let’s go from the practical to philosophical.

1.     What you do with your time;

2.     What you do with your money;

3.     Who you spend time with;

4.     What your hobbies are and how you approach them;

5.     Your attitude towards others;

6.     Your attitude towards yourself;

7.     The activity in your head;

8.     Your attitude towards career and business;

9.     Your attitude towards your community; and

10.   Your attitude towards life.

As you can see, some areas are about activities and some attitude. Both are important.

This may seem like a big list, though in reality you only need to begin with one area. Doing so will naturally lead to influencing the other areas.

You will need to be persistent with anything you would like to reorganise. Be kind, be patient and be focused with any desired change.

If you would like me to expand on any of these points in future blogs leave a comment below.