What really matters to you?

What really matters? Is a question only a few ask, many don’t ask it at all or if they do, only fleetingly?

Many cruise through life without ever feeling the need to delve deeper into their purpose and priorities. They are comfortable with the status quo - get a job or start a business, make some money, feed the kids, buy some toys and retire. Simple hey.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, not everyone resonates with this formula. There is another crowd who don’t feel completely satisfied with material age offerings. I’m guessing this crowd may grow in years to come.

So, what really matters? This is an important question for those who are curious about why they are here and what to really focus on in their life. Reviewing this can have profoundly enriching outcomes.

I’ve explored this question with many people over the past decade and more. The typical answers are family, friends, financial security, health, some even come up with happiness. All lovely answers.

I ask what is meant by health. For most it’s about physical health. Fantastic, being physically healthy is very good. I enquire into mental health. Oh yeah, that’s important to.

I then ask, “what is the most important thing from your whole list”? A curly question indeed. However, an important one.

Because without being clear of this, we live through conditioned behaviour and don’t really honour our top priorities. As a result, we low ball our day-to-day choices.

Some seldom raised options, I encourage to be considered on the “what really matters list”, are love, kindness, peace, to be helpful, confident, generous, to live with balance and similar. I’m sure there are others you can add.

I’d love to hear your top five of “What really matters” to you. Leave in comment section below.