Shift happens, things change.

What we can think is permanent is not. No structure is stable.

Our bodies change, our minds change, our careers change, our roles change.

Sometimes our attitude changes.

Watch how this can be so; when we are tired, when we don’t get what we want, how we change when someone does the right thing by us, or when they do the wrong thing.

How we can become completely controlled by what people around us do and don’t do.

Often, we work hard to make the world around us the perfect shape. However, such a shape will not last forever, it will change.

The waves of change will keep coming, that is what is constant.

Attachment to things that change is a great source of pain.

Let it be, let yourself change and flow as trees bend and sway with the changing breeze.

Look after your body while respecting it will change.

Look after your family and friends, respecting these relationships will change too. They will ebb and flow with time.

When we become balanced and centred around the reality of change – we become strong and soft; stable and flexible.

We become the balance of opposites.