Meditation is both an ancient and sacred practice as well as a modern-day stress reliever.

Meditation can be tricky, as in the way it seems so simple to sit, breathe and focus. However, when you start a meditation you often discover how restless you are.

With time meditation shows you it’s your mind that is restless.

Meditation creates the opportunity to be aware of your current mental state as well as gain mental focus and effectiveness.

It can also reveal insights that guide and support:

  • clear decision making;

  • quality of communication;

  • overcoming fears or doubts; and

  • moving to a more peaceful, productive and purposeful way of life.

Often you start with guided meditations found online and these are great starting points and for some will satisfy your needs.

However, if you want to go further with your meditation, I offer one-t-one tuition.

This is a traditional approach where we work together, designing and refining your practice with particular consideration of your nature, stage of life, interests, commitments and schedules.

Together, we align your practice with any spiritual beliefs you have, whether of a particular religion, in connection with nature, or with an atheistic orientation.

If you would like to talk about meditation training, I’d love to hear from you.