In mentoring, we focus on current matters, which are often a little challenging, and help you understand the opportunity in these experiences to further refine your approach to business, career and/or life.

We achieve this by looking at your situation but also helping you understand your nature – your gifts, values, personality preferences and desires.

From this growth in self-awareness we often see a greater sense of direction, more balance, more harmony and clarity. Many enjoy less stress and more peacefulness, productivity and sense of purpose.

What happens at a practical level:

  • No change to your work or personal relationships, but you feel happier, more engaged and more content with your life, business and/or career;

  • Slight changes through new courses, lifestyle activities or self-care;

  • Major changes such as changing jobs, selling businesses or significantly transforming your approach to work, business and life.

What we do:

  • Meet fortnightly or monthly for an hour or two for approximately six months;

  • Work through specific content, which I’ve developed during the past 16 years, and look at how this applies to your personal and working life; and

  • Develop and support appropriate lifestyle/relationships/work changes to improve your sense of peace, focus and purpose.

Due to the nature of this service, there are several steps prior to any commitments to determine whether it will be suitable and beneficial to you.

I work with you face-to-face and/or on the phone. Both ways have proven to produce favourable results.

You are not locked into any time-based commitment, we work together for as long as it feels right to you and is on benefit.

If you would like to know more about mentoring, let’s talk. I’d love to hear from you.

As a business advisor, Matt has educated me to appreciate a better understanding of clients’ motives and personalities to better assist them in achieving their goals. On a personal level, Matt has provided guidance to enable clarity of personal goals, which has resulted in greater fulfilment in life.
— Steve Roxby, Maxim Accounting and Business Advisors