Personal mentoring consists of a comprehensive program focusing on both current matters and the development of a significant understanding of personal gifts, values and personality orientations.

From this foundation, we develop mindset to use this awareness and understanding to personal and professional benefit in a balanced and sustainable way.

Due to the nature of this service, we suggest an initial meeting prior to any commitments to determine whether this service is going to be most suitable and beneficial.

I work with clients both face to face and over the phone. Both methods have produced very favourable results.
Sample of some of the questions asked and answered:

  • What type of work and environment will help me feel authentically happy? 
  • What does it mean to be wealthy? Is there more to it than money? 
  • What do I value? How do I bring value to others and how do I best package it? 
  • Is private enterprise the best way for me to work and live? 
  • What are my deeper needs and values? 
  • How can I focus my mind so I experience more joy and peace within living a normal life? 

What we actually do:

  • Meet fortnightly or monthly for an hour or two over approximately 6 months. 
  • Work through specific content with a consideration of how this applies in your personal and working lives. 
  • Look for practical opportunities to apply what we look at during each meeting. 
  • Complete a few questionnaires (such as Seligmans character strength survey and the Money Personality questionnaire) to increase awareness around your deeper needs.
  • Explore how these needs are currently being supported in work, life and play.
  • Develop and support appropriate lifestyle/relationships/work changes to increase sense of peace and focus. 

As a business advisor, Matt has educated me to appreciate a better understanding of clients’ motives and personalities to better assist them in achieving their goals. On a personal level, Matt has provided guidance to enable clarity of personal goals, which has resulted in greater fulfilment in life.
— Steve Roxby

Examples of what has happened as a result for previous clients:

  • Some have made no change to their work or personal relationships, but have felt happier and more content with their lot; 
  • Some have made major changes leaving jobs, selling businesses or significantly transforming their approach to work or business; 
  • Others have commenced new courses, career or business paths, lifestyle activities, some which they had dreamt about for 20+ years; 
  • Others have set up new businesses more aligned with their passions;
  • Others have finally discovered how to look after themselves and make themselves as high a priority as everyone else around them;
  • Others have realised that so much of what they used to stress about was not worth stressing about in the first place.

Importantly, just because an approach to work and life works for one doesn’t mean it will work for another.

Pave your own way. Do the work to know what you really need and want, and then design your life and work around it. Don’t fit into the world, let the world fit around you. There is a place and way for everyone.

If you would like to talk about personal mentoring, I’d love to hear from you.