I have had the fortune to work with Matt Linnert over the last 18 months. Its hard to explain exactly what Matt really does, but he somehow helped me opened my eyes, mind and heart. I now feel that I understand myself much better, and understand others such that I feel many relationships of varying levels have improved. Without really knowing it at the time, Matt has taught me compassion, patience, and to think more clearly. I feel I am now seeing what is really important in life, and making a greater contribution to others. I feel he has made me more human.
— Tony Dockrill

It is with deep gratitude that I offer this testimonial. I was looking for more in my life; a way to exit my existing business and a more spiritual path. Matt has been an incredible support in this process, helping me understand what makes me tick, finding clarity around what I now know to be my purpose in life and dishing out the tough love when needed. Maybe I would have figured this all out on my own...eventually but Matt’s invaluable insight and vision has helped me achieve so much in just the last 18 months that I’m glad I didn’t waste any more time.
— Rosemary Tapner

You helped me to connect with my essence and purpose in my life – within the personal, business and spiritual realms. Initially, working with exploring values and helping to find clarity in what is important for myself, my life and my business – this was essential in finding ease in my individual style of running the business side of my practice.

You see people for who they really are. You are an integral member of my ‘care team’, inspiring and providing support, perspective and wisdom that has been so significant to a more peaceful and deeply gratifying life.
— Julie Christie

I have always thought that you can have work or life and work/life balance was just an overused marketing term. You could be rich in one or the other but not both. Matt helped me see both are possible and the opportunities for attaining wealth in both your professional and personal life are boundless.
— Debra Allan

I am now much clearer of my own strengths, natural tendencies and what I love about what I do. I have enhanced my effectiveness in my personal life and my effectiveness with my clients.
— Jason Gapps

Matt’s intuitive insights add another dimension to the way that he guides you using your personal preferences and behaviours to achieve personal and financial goals in life. I highly recommend Matt for his openness and insightful approach.
— Helen Ogle

I had the privilege of meeting Matt 6 years ago. He came highly recommended to me by a close friend. It took a lot of courage for me to make the first contact as I thought what could possibly be wrong with my life! I felt very foolish that I didn’t have a hold on things.

I had a successful business, a beautiful home and a gorgeous family. What could be missing? I had worked so hard for so many years both physically and emotionally to create this perfect life. And yet I found myself at a junction in life, I could not comprehend this feeling of restlessness and discord I was experiencing on a daily basis. Something just didn’t sit right. So why was I feeling so unhappy and feeling that I had reached my lowest point.

With Matt’s help, through his professional guidance and profound intuition I was able to uncover my true values and discover the best version of me! He gave me tools to help tackle the obstacles in life. I continue to enjoy and look forward to our regular catch ups to this day.

Life has forever changed for the better!
— Noris Sciara-D'Andrea

I have known Matt for over 12 months now and started seeing Matt when I was looking for stillness and guidance through a ‘life situation’. I find his personality dependable and his spirit very giving and patient. A great many of the understandings I have gained from Matt have stayed with me and can easily be applied to most every life circumstance. He certainly embodies the mantra ‘Be Love, See Love’.
— Tony Baldwin

Matt Linnert has an incredible sense of perspective, and a rare calmness. His ability to mentor others to realise these things is his most impressive skill. Matt is able to give individuals the ability to better understand what decisions and directions will deliver contentment. Matt also taught me how to better manage situations that are not desirable and work through these circumstances to achieve favourable outcomes.
— Jarrod O’Doherty

Matt has helped me develop a renewed connection with my personal, business and spiritual life through the exploration of my values, preferences and core being. The path I’m taking now feels right and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found my guide.
— Raz O'Connor

Working with Matt is not only enjoyable, it sets you off in new, exciting, and rewarding directions which have a greater fit with who you are and what you really want out of life.
— Geoff Ingram

Matt helped me focus my thinking and drive by showing me how to deal with and clear out all those issues running around in my head which were in hindsight holding me back and which I hadn’t addressed because I thought I didn’t have the time.
— Scott Newton

Matt brought wisdom to a team that required guidance. He helped me find my way, assisting my self creation and empowerment. I gained insight into my visions and my purpose. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt for guidance filled with integrity and care.
— Andrew Parker