I was a typical product of our education and cultural system. Had a good job, enjoyed a pleasant social life, was fit and physically healthy, while at the same time spiralling in unhappiness as I wondered what the point of all this ambition and struggle was.

That was about 14 years ago. I tasted the dark, and ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then something happened, which is hard to explain, but let me just put it this way, I went from being swamped by the dark to immersed in the light.

I’d never felt joy and peace like it. Ever since I’ve explored how to access this lighter way of being and as much as possible integrate this into every domain of my life.

This inquiry led me to exploring the east and west, the ideas of success and happiness, values and motivation, individuality and connection and much more.

I’ve discovered (to an extent) how to minimise suffering and maximise peace without leaving the realities of the world, and actually by embracing them.

Matt Linnert

I love doing whatever I can do to help other people live their life knowing peace, living peace and at the same time participating in life, work and play in a way that simply suits them through to their core.
Matt Linnert