For many Yoga is primarily a form of physical exercise. While Yoga can be useful for supporting and developing physical strength, flexibility, health and vitality, for me it’s much more than this.

The physical aspect of yoga is but one part of an amazing system of principles, philosophies and practices which have been developed over many centuries. 

The philosophy of yoga has had a life changing and enriching effect on every domain of my life, most notably my relationship with myself and others.

Interestingly, in a traditional sense yoga includes;

  • the healthy development of our attitudes towards ourselves and others;
  • caring for our physical body and health;
  • practices to control the breath and influence our vitality;
  • techniques to train our mind; and
  • when the time is right to go beyond our intellectual relationship with life to deep peace, connection and bliss.

I teach a yoga class once a week which incorporates physical movement (asana), breath awareness (pranayama), and meditation. Weaved throughout a class is guidance and suggestions as they relate to some the more philosophical aspects of yoga.

I’m also happy to teach yoga on a one to one basis which is great for those new to yoga or yet to establish a regular personal yoga practice.

If you would like to talk about yoga, I’d love to hear from you.