For many yoga is a form of physical exercise. While yoga can be useful for supporting and developing physical strength, flexibility, health and vitality, for me it’s much more.

Yoga is an amazing system of principles, philosophies and techniques that have been practiced over many centuries.

In the traditional sense, it includes;

  • healthy attitudes towards yourself and others;

  • caring for your physical body and health;

  • practices to control your breath to influence vitality;

  • techniques to train your mind; and

  • when the time is right, to go beyond an intellectual relationship with life to a deep peace, connection and bliss.

For me yoga’s philosophy, along with a personal practice, has had a life changing and enriching effect on my life and most notably in my relationships with myself and others.

It has brought clarity of mind to help with decision making both in business domains and personally. It has enabled a calmer platform from where to have important conversations, increasing harmony and effectiveness.

While attending yoga classes can be beneficial, however, the real gain is when you engage in a regular personal yoga practice.

If you would like to have a personal yoga practice specifically designed for your needs, let me know as I would love to help you.

This is particularly helpful if you value peace of mind, clarity of thought and being the best version of yourself at home and at work.

If you would like to talk about yoga, I’d love to hear from you.