I help you balance your activity in the world, your productivity, along with your internal unfolding of deep unconditional peacefulness and purpose.

Life presents a remarkable opportunity to discover who you are and to live in alignment of what’s really important to you. Achieving this is not necessarily easy.

Worldly success or social settings can encourage you in certain directions that may feel good for a while, however, with time there is an inkling that something – joy, happiness, connection or similar – is missing.

I’ve discovered a lot through my inquiry into the nature of our lives and one thing I stumbled upon is how the quality of one’s life is influenced by the quality and rhythm of mental and physical activities.

Through managing these two areas we can find how to play this game of life, so wonderful things just happen.

There is much joy, gold, peace and purpose, and you need no more money, holidays or success to access it. It’s right under your nose.

You can still enjoy the world’s pleasures, your successes and holidays. But we can also harmonise the worldly joys by simultaneously embracing the internal voyage to peace.

Life is a journey along which we get to choose lots of different paths. I have found it really useful to have Matt there to guide me and help me work out which path to take. The life I live now is far richer than the one I could see myself living three years ago. I count myself very fortunate to have asked for Matt’s help when I did.
— Steve Ballinger

I support you to reset your priorities; by figuring out what’s really important to you to live a rich and rewarding life instead of a hectic one.

I help you to live a productive, peaceful and purposeful life. Bringing these three things together can be tricky but well worth it.